>> Redesigning and upgrading as per internationally acceptable standards of any makes of industrial gearboxes.
>> Condition Reporting and Analysis to precisely predict remaining life or impending failure.
>> Gearbox Design and Engineering.
>> Specific Gear Manufacturing of key parts for Gearbox Repairs, Retrofits & Upgrades.
>> Equipment Repairs at an optimal cost along with Onsite field service support of existing mechanical transmission equipment.
>> Gear Repair Analysis.
>> Vibration Analysis Diagnostics.
>> Failure Analysis.
>> Gear Breakdown Prevention.
>> On Site Services.
>> Start-Up Assistance/Set-Up Verification Erections and Commissioning.
>> Maintenance.
>> Training.
>> Sales Representation.
>> Promotion and of Principal and its products.
>> Trade Shows.
>> Technical Support.

Why Choose Us

>> Round the Clock Support- Our customers receive advices and support from us which is appropriate for them taking into accounts of their circumstances no matter what is make of gearbox or turbine and that is available round the clock.
>> First Class Quality Assurance- We use only high quality international accepted materials and global engineering standards in manufacturing components. Our technical experts have been trained overseas which assures best services to your critical components in your crucial needs.
>> One Point Of Contact- Our customer will get responses for all his queries through only one point of contact which removes any ambiguity and brings clarity in understanding their needs so that our technical team can customize the solution tendering to their unique needs.
>> Warrantee / Guarantee- Our products perform as committed and there will not be any unpleasant surprises during lifetime of our products. We guarantee that our parts will have 12 months of replacement guarantee free of cost which provides the decisive advantage to our customer.